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about them because I would not have it said
that this book is Utopian or " Imaginative " or
anything of that sort. I have set down nothing
that is not strictly reasonable and practicable.
It is the soberest of books and the least original
of books. I think I have written enough to
show that it is impossible for world affairs to
remain wat their present level. Either mankind
collapses or our species struggles up by the hard
yet fairly obvious routes I have collated in this
book, to reach a new level of social organisation.
There can be little question of the abundance,
excitement and vigour of living that awaits our
children upon that upland. If it is attained.
There is no doubting their degradation- and
misery if it is not.
There is nothing really novel about this book.
But there has been a certain temerity in bringing
together facts that many people have avoided
bringing together for fear they might form an
explosive mixture. Maybe they will. They may
blast through some obstinate mental barriers.
In spite of that explosive possibility, that explosive
necessity, it may be, this remains essentially
an assemblage, digest and encouragement of
now prevalent but still hesitating ideas. If is
a plain statement of the revolution to which
reason points an increasing number of minds,